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Building Reality through Stories: A Study in Narrative

Graduate Portfolio in Rhetoric and Composition

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This introductory letter situates my identity as a scholar and reflects on my learning at

Florida State University.

About the Author
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My name is Noah Patterson, and this is my culminating portfolio for my Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Composition, earned at Florida State University.

While this portfolio focuses on my interest in narrative studies, I have several other research interests that both complement and diverge from narrative theory: visual rhetorics, public writing, writing center and digital studio studies, critical race theory, queer theory, and more often inform my work. 

I am also an experienced editor and designer with a demonstrated history in the fields of copywriting, copyediting, and graphic/document design composed in industry-standard software: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I earned a graduate certificate in Editing and Publishing at FSU, and I have served as an editor and designer for several publications, including a masthead position at the Southeast Review . Finally, I'm developing my skills in languages such as HTML and CSS. You can usually find me exploring the local coffee scene, thrifting, and/or listening to music.

About the Author
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