And welcome to my portfolio.

Image of Noah

Noah Patterson

MA in English,

Rhetoric & Composition.

Fort Wayne, IN

My name is Noah Patterson, and I hold a Master's degree in English rhetoric and composition from Florida State University. Welcome to my portfolio! Before you get to the good stuff, I want to detail this site's navigation.

  • The tabs above will take you to pages overviewing my teaching (online and face-to-face), research, and work, among other aspects of my professional persona.

  • Documents are embedded and downloadable. Feel free to peruse on- or off-site. I am happy to share resources, but please credit me if you adapt them.

  • For questions, collaboration, and more, please find my contact information above, beneath the image of me.

  • I've attempted to design this website as accessibly as possible and check it using the WAVE tool. I use primarily sans serif fonts for greater readability, contrasting colors, embed descriptions in image files, check PDFs in Adobe Acrobat for accessibility, assign text headers to create a site outline, and more. Do let me know if any aspect of this website is difficult to access.

Thank you for visiting. Please, click around. Feel welcome to contact me any time. You may also connect with me on social media. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!