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And welcome to my portfolio.

Image of Noah

Noah Patterson

  • MA in English, Rhetoric & Composition

  • Professional Writing Specialist, Purdue OWL

  • West Lafayette, IN

My name is Noah Patterson, and I hold a Master's degree in English rhetoric and composition from Florida State University. Welcome to my portfolio! Before you get to the good stuff, I want to detail this site's navigation.

  • The tabs above will take you to pages overviewing my teaching (online and face-to-face), research, and work, among other aspects of my professional persona.

  • Documents are embedded and downloadable. Feel free to peruse on- or off-site. I am happy to share resources, but please credit me if you adapt them.

  • For questions, collaboration, and more, please find my contact information above, beneath the image of me.

  • This website has been designed with accessibility in mind. If any aspect of this website is difficult to access, do let me know, and I will do my best to make improvements.

Thank you for visiting. Please, click around and feel welcome to contact me any time. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

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